The Simple Ways To Keep The Heart Healthy


The heart is undoubtedly the most important organ in human body. Therefore it is important for all of us to try to keep it fit and healthy. But our sedentary lifestyle and wrong nutrition choices can pose a risk as far as the health of the heart is concerned. It is a fact that excessive and prolonged sitting can lead to many serious health risks including risk for the cardiovascular system. Most people these days have stressful jobs and hence stressful lives, which again is a big risk for the heart. But thankfully, shifting lifestyle choices and making dietary changes can help you keep your heart healthy. The following are the best ways to keep this important organ fit and working in top condition:

1. Give up smoking
One of the best ways to ensure good heart health is to give up smoking. Regular smokers are more at a risk of heart diseases as compared to non smokers or those who smoke very rarely.

2. Manage blood cholesterol
Another great way to protect your heart is to manage your blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is basically a fatty compound or substance which the blood carries. Although it is essential for the body but imbalance in the cholesterol levels can lead to heart attack or stroke. Therefore one must always find ways to balance the blood cholesterol.

3. Manage blood pressure
In order to keep the heart healthy, it is also important to manage the blood pressure levels. You cannot feel blood pressure but one must get it checked every once in a while to be able to monitor and manage it. High blood pressure can prove risky for the heart health.

4. Manage blood sugar
Diabetics are always more prone to heart conditions like strokes and heart attacks and it is very essential for them to keep their blood sugar levels in check.

5. Lead an active lifestyle
One must always aim to lead an active lifestyle. It is true that our current lifestyles and long sitting-hour-jobs do not allow us to move around much but whenever possible, one must try to give the body some exercise and movement. For example, avoid taking the elevator and opt for the stairs instead, try to devote some time of the day for yoga or light exercises, avoid sitting continuously for too long at work and go for short walks often etc.

6. Maintain healthy weight
Overweight or obese persons are always more at a risk of heart diseases than others and hence it is important for all of us to maintain an optimum weight level. One must always know their body mass index and waist measurements so that they can be monitored.

7. Focus on nutritious diet
Another thing which is really important to keep the heart healthy is to focus on consuming a balanced diet. Include more nutritious items in your diet and limit the intake of fast foods or junk items. Reduce salt in your diet as this can help to balance the blood pressure. Similarly, replace all the unhealthy fats with healthy fats as this can reduce risk of heart diseases and cardiovascular problems. Also, avoid or limit the intake of alcohol as much as possible.

8. Take care of your mental health
Certain studies have proved that those suffering from depression are more at a risk of heart diseases. This means that in order to keep your heart healthy, you must avoid suffering from depression and avoid any kinds of negative feelings.

Follow these tips and you will surely avoid any heart problems or conditions!