7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Sun Exposure


It’s not just plants that need regular and sufficient exposure to sunlight but even human beings require sunlight for their sustenance. Our bodies metabolize sunlight however the timing and duration of receiving the light may be a critical factor in this process. If one doesn’t receive enough sunlight in a day, he/she may be more susceptible to a number of health conditions. If you wish to find out the main health benefits of sun exposure, you can go through the following 7 points.

1. Sun exposure helps in lowering blood pressure
As soon as sun light touches our skin, a compound known as nitric oxide is released in our blood vessels and helps lowering blood pressure. This prevents further risk of stroke and heart attacks and hence it won’t be wrong to say that sun exposure can help prolong life.

2. Sun exposure improves bone health
Another benefit of sun exposure is that it supplies us with Vitamin D which is not just important but extremely necessary for us. There is also a direct connection between Vitamin D3 and bone density. This vitamin helps in calcium absorption and hence improves bone health. Thus getting regular sun light can improve the health of bones over a period of time and prevent bone related diseases and disorders.

3. Sun exposure improves the function of brain
Vitamin D which we obtain from the sun is also linked with brain function. According to a research, cognitive function of the brain reduces as much as the reduction in Vitamin D in the body. Thus getting sufficient sun exposure helps improve overall brain health and ability.

4. Sun exposure heals some skin problems and disorders
It is a fact that there are some kinds of skin disorders like acne, jaundice, eczema and psoriasis etc which heal quickly when the skin is exposure to sunlight. But it is always recommended that one refers to a doctor to find out how much and how often should the skin be exposed to sunlight.

5. Sun exposure can heal mild depression
Another great health benefit of sun exposure is that it can help in easing our mild depression. It is a popular fact that deprivation of sunlight can cause a problem called seasonal affective disorder or SAD which is a common form of depression. Hence one must get moderate levels of sunlight on a regular basis.

6. Sun exposure can also help in improving the quality of sleep
When the light of the sun hits our eyes, the production of melatonin is shut down until the sun goes does since a message is sent to the pineal gland in the brain. Then what happens is that the body gets a signal that it is not night anymore and this in turn helps to maintain a normal circadian rhythm. There has been a link established between low levels of melatonin production at night due to overproduction of the same during day time and poor quality of sleep.

7. Sun exposure boosts the immune system
Another brilliant health benefit of regular and sufficient sun exposure is that it can help to boost the immune system. What happens is that sun exposure helps in suppressing an overactive immune system and because the white blood cells in the body increase with the increase in sun exposure, they help to fight diseases and thus defend the body against infections. Thus moderate levels of sun exposure is good for the immune system.