Essential Medical Tests To Opt For As You Turn 30


A large percentage of people opt for diagnostic tests or medical health checkups when they encounter certain medical issues. But in most of these cases, the problem has already become huge and prevention may no longer be possible. This is why, it is important to go for medical checkups on a regular basis. Prevention is always better than cure and a timely check up could mean all the difference. There are a variety of tests that you can get done from medical diagnostic labs and get results within hours or a few days. Infact, as soon as you turn 30, there are a certain medical tests which may become mandatory for you to get done. The following is a list of the important and essential tests which people in their 30s must do:

  • Rectal exam – This is a test which checks for conditions like hemorrhoids, rectal injuries, rectal abnormalities and even cancer. As one turns 30, he/she may be more susceptible to such problems and a test can thus prove useful.
  • Electrocardiogram – This test helps you know about the condition of the heart and establishes a baseline level for it. It finds out if the heart is pumping blood in a proper manner and whether the blood is reaching all parts of the body. After getting it done once at 30, one should go for it every 4 years.
  • Blood pressure – High or Low BP are issues which have become as common as cough and cold these days. The stress of everyday life can easily get anyone and may cause the BP to shoot up and especially for those who are over the age of 30 years.  Thus, this too is an essential medical test to go for after crossing 30.
  • Cholesterol – It is a fact that one has a tendency to develop high cholesterol levels as they grow up and this is why, the risk of it increases as you turn 30. High cholesterol can be bad for your heart health and a simple test can help you be on the defensive.
  • Sexually transmitted disease check – This is yet another test which you must opt for after turning 30 since after this age, the risk of STDs can be high. One must get it done every few years, especially if he/she has been involved in sexual relations with more than 1 partner.
  • Breast exam for women – All women over the age of 30 must consider getting a breast exam done in order to make sure they are not suffering from any breast lump or a condition like breast cancer.  Getting this examination done at the correct time can prevent one from a fatal disease that is responsible for thousands of deaths each year.
  • Prostrate exam for men – This is a medical examination or test that all men over the age of 30 must go for. Not only do regular tests help to prevent its chances but also control it at the right time.
  • Diabetes – People over the age of 30 are found to be more at a risk of diabetes than younger individuals. A simple urine test can help you know whether the blood sugar levels in your blood are normal or high. Done at the right time, this test can help you control diabetes through diet.

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