Symptoms And Health Issues Due To Thyroid Imbalance


Thyroid gland in the body is the organ which is responsible for most of the metabolic functions in the body. So whenever thyroid stops functioning properly the body experiences disorders of various types. Some of the thyroid disturbances include small and harmless goiter, cancer and others. The most common thyroid related problem results in a condition called hyperthyroidism and another which is called hypothyroidism. To know more about thyroid imbalance, symptoms of thyroid problems and issues that may arise as a result, you can go through the following given information.

  1. Signs and symptoms of thyroid imbalance
    • One of the most common symptoms of thyroid imbalance is fatigue which is felt even after sleeping for 8 to 10 hours in the night.
    • Another sign that your thyroid is imbalanced is weight gain and the inability to shed the weight gained.
    • Some common symptoms of thyroid imbalance may be mood issues such as mood swings, depression and anxiety.
    • Some people with thyroid imbalance may also experience joint pain, muscle pain, tendonitis and other similar issues.
    • Hormonal imbalances may also occur and these include irregular periods, PMS, low sex drive and infertility.
    • Some individuals with misbalance in the thyroid may also experience cold feet and hands. They may feel cold when other people are not and their body temperature may remain consistently below 98.5 degree Celsius.
    • Constipation is another common symptom of thyroid imbalance.
    • Brittle nails, cracking or dry skin and excessive amount of hair loss are some of the other signs of thyroid imbalance.
    • Some people may also have to face mind or brain related issues like poor concentration, brain fog and poor memory.
    • Snoring, hoarse voice and neck swelling are some of the less common signs and symptoms of thyroid imbalance.

  2. Common health issues due to thyroid imbalance
    • Graves’s disease-this is one of the common thyroid imbalance related problem. In this, there is excessive production of thyroid hormone.
    • Subacute thyroiditis-in this problem, there is inflammation of the thyroid which results in the leaking of excessive hormones from the gland and leads to hyperthyroidism for a temporary time period.
    • Toxic adenomas-in this problem of thyroid imbalance, nodules tend to develop in the thyroid gland and they may begin to secrete thyroid hormones. This leads to upsetting of the chemical balance in the body.
    • Pituitary gland becomes malfunctioned or cancerous.
    • Hashimoto thyroiditis- this is a kind of an autoimmune disorder in which the body begins to attack the thyroid tissue and the tissue dies eventually.
    • Removal of thyroid gland-this is another health issue that may be caused due to imbalance of the thyroid. In this, thyroid may need to be removed from the body using a surgical method or it may even get destroyed chemically.
    • Cancer of the thyroid gland-this is a rare thyroid related problem and occurs in the thyroid nodules. One may have thyroid nodules for a long time before they become cancerous.