10 Benefits Of Yoga In Daily Life

International Yoga Day - June 21

Yoga is one of those few activities that have positive effects on both the mind and the body. Yoga is often misunderstood to be limited to asanas or yoga poses while in reality it is beyond it and can be performed without applying particular poses. It has cure for illnesses, benefits for the skin, and positive effects on the organs and also offers harmony to the soul. There are many benefits of yoga in daily life and to know the top 10 benefits, you can read the following given points.

  1. Overall fitness:One of the main benefits of yoga is that it helps in achieving all round fitness. Not only does it aid physical fitness but also mental and emotional balance as well. Since it includes asanas, meditation and pranayam (breathing methods), it can be considered as a fitness package on its own.
  2. Relief from stress:Stress can eat into our minds and our bodies in our daily lives but yoga helps us get rid of it and experience peace. Doing yoga for a few minutes everyday can considerably bring down stress levels. It de stresses the mind and detox the body.
  3. Weight loss:Yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight and remain at the optimum weight levels. It has no side effects, unlike dieting and gyming and is extremely effective for all body types. With proper yoga postures done on a regular basis, one can easily lose weight and come to the desired body weight.
  4. Better immunity:Yoga poses help to improve our immunity and hence reduce the chances of falling ill. Doing yoga on a regular basis and making it a part of life can truly save people from various types of sicknesses.
  5. Inner peace:One of the greatest benefits of performing yoga on a daily basis is that it helps to achieve inner peace. Yoga combined with meditation and proper breathing practices can help calm the mind and offer a harmony to the body. It thus helps to remain at peace even in tough life situations.
  6. Increases energy and activeness:Another advantage and benefit of yoga in daily life is that it helps to increase our overall energy levels and activeness. It is a way through which you can feel fresh throughout the day and manage your tasks well. It leaves you refreshed and recharged during the day and thus helps in increasing productivity as well.
  7. Offers better posture and flexibility:Yoga poses or asanas, when done for a prolonged period of time lead to better body postures and flexibility. It makes the body strong, supple and relieves one of body pains as well. This too is one of the benefits of this practice.
  8. Better intuition:A few people know about this benefit but yoga can help you achieve better intuition in daily life as well. Meditation and breathing practices increase the intuitive abilities without letting your realize the same and are hence very beneficial for everyone.
  9. Helps in living with greater awareness:We think thousands of thoughts in a day and are often not aware of what is going on in the mind. Meditation can help to calm the mind and be aware of more of the things going on in our minds. It helps in living with greater awareness and this too is a major benefit of yoga.
  10. Better relationships:Another important benefit of yoga is that it makes the mind positive, happy and relaxed and thus promotes better relationships with people around us like our spouse, parents, children and friends etc.