Applications of PET CT SCAN For Cancer Patients


Cancer is a disease in which cells in the body begin to grow out of order. In this case, cells become more prone to abnormal growth than the others. The resultant mass of the new cells take the form of a growth or tumor which becomes malignant or benign. In the case where the tumor is malignant, it is cancer. It is shocking to know that about 1600000 new cancer cases are diagnosed every year. Positron Emission Tomography or PET and Computed Tomography or CT scans are essential diagnostic tools which are used by physicians these days to reveal the seriousness and presence of cancers.
PET CT Scans are basically those kinds of scans which make use of radioactive materials to detect certain diseases in the body’s organs or tissues and are used widely in the case of cancer or cancer patients.
PET CT Scans play a major role in not just detecting cancer but also checking the extent to which the disease has spread. One of the major applications of such scans for cancer patients is that they enable physicians to see whether or not a particular therapy is working and if yes, then to what extent. The following are some more applications of the scan for cancer patients.

Application of PET CT SCAN

  1. PET CT Scan helps to locate the site of the cancer.
  2. Another application includes determining the size of the growth or tumor.
  3. PET CT Scan also proves useful in differentiating between malignant and benign tumors.
  4. They also let physicians know whether the cancer has spread and if yes, then to what extent.
  5. PET CT Scan helps decide the treatment which will be most suitable for the patient.
  6. PET CT Scan helps to monitor the success of a particular cancer treatment or therapy.
  7. Another application includes detecting any recurrent tumors.