Hepatitis Demystified


Hepatitis is a disease in which one experiences inflammation of the liver. This disease can either be self limiting but in some cases it can also lead to fibrosis or scarring and even liver cancer. In the world at present, hepatitis viruses are the most common cause of hepatitis but some of the other causes can include toxic substances, autoimmune diseases and other infections. Basically there are 5 main types of hepatitis viruses and they are types A, B, C, D and E. What is surprising about Hepatitis is that it can occur without any considerable symptoms and is often hence detected in very late stages. However if symptoms are present then they may include yellow discoloration of the skin, poor appetite, white eyes and feeling tired. This disease can either be a temporary or long term condition.
• Globally, viral hepatitis is the most common cause and is followed by non alcoholic fatty liver disease and alcoholic liver disease.
• Hepatitis B, C and D affect over 500 million people worldwide and leads to close to a million deaths annually.
• Some of the common methods of diagnosis of hepatitis include physical examination, liver biopsy, liver function tests, ultrasound, blood tests and viral antibody testing.
• Some of the best ways to prevent suffering from Hepatitis include maintaining hygiene, taking preventive vaccinations for each type of hepatitis infection.
• It is a fact that if your immune system is strong, then hepatitis A can get cured on its own without using rigorous medical treatment.
• Hepatitis A does not cause liver cancer or cirrhosis and only Type B and Type C are responsible for these diseases.
• Most individuals pass their childhoods without knowing that they have Hepatitis B and they only come to know of this fact when they take their first medical examination somewhere after college and before getting a job.
• One thing which very few people know about is that there is a sixth type of hepatitis virus which is hepatitis G.
• Of every 4 people diagnosed with Hepatitis B, only 1 dies of cirrhosis or cancer.
• Hepatitis A is caused or transmitted by consuming food or water contaminated by feces from a person infected with type A and on the other hand, hepatitis B is transmitted through puncture wounds or contact with infected fluids of the body like saliva or blood etc.