All You Need To Know About International Women’s Day


International Women’s day or IWD is celebrated on 8th March every year and was earlier known as International Working women’s day. It might mean different to different people and to different states but on a basic level it is a celebration of appreciation, love as well as respect towards women for their varied types of achievements like social, political and economic. What makes its meaning different for different regions is the fact that while in some places it is simply celebrated to express love to women just like mothers’ day while in other places, it is celebrated the way the United Nations aims to with strong human rights and political theme.
A lot of people around the world who take the day seriously celebrate it by wearing purple ribbons. The UN creates themes every year for IWD and it is on the theme that the celebrations follow. Let’s read some more useful information about International Women’s day
History of IWD
The first time that the day was officially celebrated was on February 28, 1909 in New York. This day was held and organised in the memory of the strike of International ladies garment workers union of the year 1908. After that the celebrations of the day followed in different ways and in various regions.
Some themes of IWD
The following are some examples of the themes that the UN designated for this day:
• Women in decision-making
• Women uniting for peace
• Women and HIV/AIDS
• Equality for women is progress for all
• Women and human rights
• Women and peace table
• Investing in women and girls
• Empower rural women , end poverty and hunger
The theme for this year which is 2017 is Be Bold for Change
IWD in the modern day and age
International women’s day has changed in meaning and way of celebration from the first time it was celebrated. An official holiday is observed on this day in various countries including Cuba, Georgia, Cambodia, Nepal, Vietnam, Zambia, Russia and Madagascar etc. On the other hand, there are some countries in which an official holiday is not observed but the day is still celebrated widely and these include Croatia, Cameroon, Chile, Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia etc. In these nations, people give gifts such as flowers etc to women in their lives like their wives, sisters, mothers, friends and colleagues etc. All over the world, the day is celebrated in different ways.
IWD in 2017 and beyond
The world has seen a great shift in the attitude of people towards women and this shift continues as the years pass. Now, the female gender is considered, if not above but at par with the male gender and more and more women are leaving their mark on the world. But in many countries there is a big need for more change and progress as far as female’s rights, respect and position in the society is concerned. This year, the theme for IWD is Be Bold for Change. Through this theme, the UN is calling out to the people to take a stand and remain bold as far as change is concerned. Since it is unfortunate that while many females have taken to boardrooms of big companies, others still are fighting for equal wages and other such things. There is still a big gap between the number of males and females in politics, businesses and administration related jobs. IWD is an effort through which the world wants to decrease this gap. This year and beyond, the only hope is that women will be more welcomed in important fields of work around the world.
Symbols of IWD
The logo of the International’s Women’s day is in purple and white and has a symbol of Venus which is basically a symbol of being a female. The faces of females of all backgrounds, countries and ages are also seen in many kinds of ads and promotions like postcards, posters and booklets etc.
The female gender is definitely a strong and powerful gender and it is time the world accepts this fact and presents women with equal opportunities, wages and respect. This must begin at home and at an individual level for it to really bring out a change at a wider level.